Corporate Get-togethers

Do you feel your team needs a break? Or does it feel like your employees need to know each better? Well, if your organization is in Chennai, here Chokhi Dhani is the perfect place to build a better relationship among your employees or to even raise those droopy shoulders. Chokhi Dhani is quite little hamlet – a small charming village fair and a unique location - set in the backdrop of lush green fields and whispering winds. Its serene environment provides a real rural backdrop to your outing like you have never experienced before.

Make your corporate team outings, get-togethers, offsite trainings and team building a unique, different and rejuvenating experience!

In last few years, Chennai has emerged as a prominent IT and ITES hub in addition to being the center for engineering industries. And as such, need for fun places to relax has increased manifold. The Chokhi Dhani Village, promoters of Rajasthani theme entertainment concept, in order to cater to this need offers a unique venue for corporate functions and entertainment. This village theme entertainment takes you to a voyage through Rajasthan's cultural hamlet in the days of abundance and glory.

Our personalized services and attention to detail will keep your senior executives and team members very satisfied, and wanting to make Chokhi Dhani your official corporate functions venue in Chennai. Check our attractions list and look forward to the traditional welcome, unlimited snacks, traditional Rajasthani dances, live music, cultural shows, rides, skill games, sumptuous vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine and more.

Chokhi Dhani, set in colorful premises is just the right venue for your day long conferences, training programs, product promotions or other events. Equipped with all amenities for large and small corporate events, the dining facilities and Rajasthani theme décor will remain in your memory as the appropriate corporate function venue in Chennai for a long time.

We invite you to celebrate all your corporate events and occasions – conventional meets, process parties, quarterly gathering, annual day functions, family get-togethers, farewell parties, and more at Chokhi Dhani, the tranquil and artistic setting just outside Chennai. Get in touch with our sales team for group booking, for more than 30 people. E-mail:

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